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Hello, my name is Jesus... and this is Jackass WARNING551

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Hello, my name is Jesus... and this is Jackass WARNING

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I laughed my ass off with this, but I know not everyone is me Laughing If you are bothered or insulted by crude humor regarding a religious faith, in this case catholic, please do not watch this.

For anyone else, enjoy.


This is just a humor thread, I'd rather not have srs bsns talk here, but that's not in my hands.

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Oh sweet fuck, why am I laughing at this.

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Because it's hilarious, that's why! Laughing

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I'm Catholic and I lol'd at this. You aren't bashing so it goes in the "okay" catagory.

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Yeah, I know that a lot of people can laugh at it, even if they are catholic. Just taking a precaution to not offend anyone.

I need to show this to my mother and my sister.

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Lol this is so bad but so good.

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hahahahaha oh man thats some funny shit XD

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Nothing like non-PC humour.


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